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March 2019
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 (Fairy Tail) S. Hart

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Sieg Hart

Sieg Hart

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PostSubject: (Fairy Tail) S. Hart   Tue Dec 03, 2013 8:26 pm

Ello peeps, the name is Sieg Hart, of Fairy Tail.....well not actually, i guess in the Fairy Tail universe i would be known as Jellal or Mystogan....personality is the same personality and appearance, but different roles....but enough about my persona, allow me to grace you with a little information about the real me

basic info can be found on my profile, such as age, sex, etc....i have a twisted sense of humor and im quite the pervert Smile

i love having a good game with fair chances of either player winning. i hate quick games such as OTK, FTK etc...i also hate locks and cripple games, where one player has an obvious advantage, i LOVE custom decks or anti-meta decks with a big twist.

i also like playing competitive games on format systems, some of my favs are super smash bros, call or duty, dead or alive, Halo, and a few arcade style games such as Street Fighter, Blazblue, Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat.
i currently dont have internet, so i cant play any of my console games online, but i can tether my phone to my laptop for internet, so i can stay connected to facebook and DN (although i get disconnected when someone calls)
so if anyone were to duel me, keep in mind that i dont have the best internet.

im easy to get along with as far as personality goes...i like to troll with random comments here and there about meaningless stuff to add a little comic relief.
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(Fairy Tail) S. Hart
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